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How old is that fox?

You have shot a fox, and you might wonder if this is a young fox or have you nailed that cunning old rascal that has been stealing your chooks and lambs. The included photos will give you some idea of age.

This a young fox, 1-2 years. Perfect teeth, no wear.

This fox could be 2-3 years old. Notice the incisors are starting to wear and gaps appearing between them.

This fox could be 3-4 years old. Teeth are very worn and some missing.

This fox could be older than 4 years could be 5-6 years old. There are virtually no useful teeth left.
At this age, they resort to eating soft carrion, sheep and cow manure and could be found raiding your dog’s food bowl.

The ages quoted are estimates. If you have further information or questions on this topic or any other topics covered in my blog, please reply.

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