Data Collection Tools To find the phase of the moon when you hunt.

Anemometer for Wind speed and Temp

Hand held Anemometer for measuring wind speed and temperature.  Voice Recorder for Note TakingMP3 Voice recorder for note taking and recording observations. MS ExcelMicrosoft Excel Spread Sheet for some recording of data and calculations. MS AccessMicrosoft Access for the storage of data for later analysis. Knife for viewnig Stomach ContentsA sharp knife for inspecting stomach contents. GPS for Recording Position and Distance TravelledA hand held GPS marks the position of each fox or cat.  Also measures distance traveled. Digital Fish Weighing ScalesDigital Fish Weighing Scales for quickly and accurately weighing foxes and cats. Counter - Foxes shotCounter for Foxes Shot tally. Counter - Foxes SeenCounter for Foxes Seen tally.

With these few simple tools, approximately 22 items of data can be collected for later analysis.

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