How do FOXBUSTERS® use “The Secret Weapon?”

  1.  Acquire a portable mp3 speaker that is rechargeable and takes a TF or micro SD card similar to this one pictured. ( Dimensions 50mm X 60mm )
  2. Portable mp3 speaker

    Portable mp3 speaker

    Portable MP3 speaker mounted in a vehicle.

    Portable MP3 speaker mounted in a vehicle.

    Speaker mounted on a tripod

    Copy the mp3 file on your computer to the micro SD card using a micro SD/SD adapter and charge the speaker with the correct USB cable.

  3. Take the speaker with you when you go fox hunting and use instead of a fox whistle.
  4. When hunting on foot or using a hide, place the speaker 15-20m from your hide, then the foxes focus is on the source of the sound and not on your position.  A Bluetooth speaker activated by your phone is another option.
  5. When spotlighting at night and a foxes eyes are seen at a distance, immediately cut the motor, turnoff all lights except one spotlight.  Switch on the speaker to start calling in the fox.  Shine the light low so that the eyes are only just visible at the edge of the beam.  Try to be where you can have a clear view of the approaching fox.
  6. When you see the eyes bobbing up and down, you know the fox is galloping toward the sound.  You may have to yell out to stop the fox when it comes to 40 meters or less.  Remember your rifle will hit low at closer ranges, because the barrel is lower than the scope which should be set on it’s lowest power for close shooting.
  7. If the fox stops at a distance and appears to loose interest, that may be time to shoot.
  8. If you are calling a cat and it looses interest, use your best cat voice and meow.  It may turn the cat or even bring it in closer.

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Good luck and if you can improve on this system, please let us know.