“Rover” the buggy. Shooting transport.

“Rover” a modified short wheel base 1982 Range Rover constant 4WD and 3.5L V8 petrol motor.

Featuring 7 firearm racks, retractable rest for the driver, liquid soap and hand washing water.  Three MP3 speakers for calling in foxes.



Also featuring a fox autopsy table with knife, scissors, gloves sample jars etc.  Rover has a retractable backrest for the shooters on the back. Also scales for weighing and a “Mood Adjuster” for wounded foxes.


Rover’s lighting.

There are LED headlights, 2 handheld spotlights and a roof mounted spotlight for the driver.  The LED light strip around the top serves as a light shield, obscuring the whole vehicle at night.  The rear mounted work lamp illuminates the autopsy table and gives light for passengers shutting gates.