A visiting FOXBUSTER

Fox victim of the "Secret Weapon"

Fox victim of the “Secret Weapon”

Back in Perth now and at work after a fun trip to Kojonup.
On Saturday afternoon we gave the parrot sound a go. We setup out the back of what used to be our family friend’s farm house (now abandoned) . A creek and some thick bush backs up to the old house and sheds. I have a boom box (speaker) that talks to my iphone via Bluetooth. The sound is very effective in bringing parrots around into nearby trees and their squawks plus the recorded sound made for a very realistic scene. Sure enough after about 5 min up trots a fox. Unfortunately, a miss.
Undaunted, we moved 500m along the creek to an area very thick with reeds and bull rushes. Again the parrots sat in the trees above the sound and went crazy. 5 min of this and up trots another fox, presenting a nice clear side profile to my brother who was hidden in some fallen timber off the fox’s left. He didn’t miss – the picture is attached. My black speaker box is in the tree above. I was hiding in some trees about 10m away.

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