6 Reasons why some foxes don’t come to a decoy caller.

A decoy caller like the “Secret Weapon” needs to cause the fox to come quickly for an easy meal.

  1. The fox can’t hear it:- It may be too far away or the wind is blowing the sound away.  Wind upsets animals sensory system and makes them nervous and unpredictable.
  2. It may be too loud:- The sound needs to be at close to a natural volume.
  3. The sound may be distorted:- Playing the sound through a car stereo may have too much bass.  Good for music not good for natural sounds.
  4. Distractions:- The fox needs to focus on the sound that means an easy meal.  Excessive movements with spotlights or sudden metallic sounds like the working of the firearm action or dropping a magazine or ammunition on a metal roof.  Talking:- Some communication may be necessary, but keep it quiet and to a minimum.
  5. The age of the fox:- An old fox may be more wary.  Cubs that are under 3kg in weight are sometimes not as brave or curious as when they are more mature.
  6. Some foxes wake up to the fact they are being fooled sooner than others, so be ready, you may need to take a snap shot, running shot or a long shot.

These suggestions are based on decoy calling when spotlight shooting for foxes and feral cats.