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2020 Organized Fox Shoots

Red Card for foxes,cats and rabbits are a Western Australian organization that co-ordinates fox shoots in February and March every year. FOXBUSTERS were one of the teams involved.

In February, Boyup Brook teams culled 528 foxes, 34 feral cats, 156 rabbits and 1 pig. It was a very well organized and well sponsored event with most teams taking home prizes.

Unloading foxes after a night’s shoot.

Organizers and presentations

In March, the Tunney LCD had 7 teams that culled 57 foxes, 8 feral cats and 27 rabbits.

Feral animals, particularly foxes and feral cats are a serious threat to agricultural production and our native marsupials, reptiles and birds. These organized feral culling events go a long way to reducing the threat, however once a year is not enough. Regular hunting particularly in summer and autumn is equally important.

2019 Boyup Brook fox shoot

The Boyup Brook fox shoot was held on second weekend in February. Organized By Marc and Erlanda Dees of Rylington Park, saw local hunters and hunters from other shires and Perth form 47 teams that collectively took out record 705 foxes, 170 rabbits, 18 cats and 2 pigs. The event was strongly supported and sponsored by many businesses and organizations. Prizes were presented to winners of various categories. FOXBUSTERS was one of the teams and shot 29 foxes and 1 cat.

100 foxes at Rylington Park