Annual fox and cat tallies FOXBUSTERS

Year Huntsfoxescats
 2009 740 
 2010 18122 
 2011 22140 
 2012 412342
 2013 341405
 2014 362225
 2015 291671
 2016 452356
 2017 331433
 2018 351887
 2019 291756
 2020 4920768
 2021 4215546
 2022 3818338
 2023 6122480
 2024 3022343
 Total 5492798310
Successful  Excursions549
 Average foxes/excursion5.10 

Commentary on annual fox and cat tallies
2009 Purchase and develop “Rover” to be a specialised hunting vehicle. (A work in progress)  I set up spread sheets and data bases to record numbers shot and stomach contents to gain an understanding of what foxes eat.
Over a 6 year period, Necropsies were conducted on about 600 foxes.
2010 – 2011 Gained access to numerous local properties for fox shooting and gaining experience.
2012 Due to our success at busting foxes due to a decoy sound (Secret Weapon) recorded and used to call foxes into range, the idea of calling ourselves ‘FOXBUSTERS’  With help, we set up a website on which I made available the ‘Secret Weapon’ for fox hunters free of charge.  2,000> copies sent by email to hunters all over Australia.
2013 – 2019 We did a lot of fox hunts locally and some Red Card organised fox hunts. Not high numbers of feral cats were culled in those years.
2016  FOXBUSTERS® became a registered Trade Mark in October.
2020 Saw the first time I had access to a free range chicken farm where fox and feral cat numbers were out of control because they are attracted to the food source that free range, intensified farming practices provide.  This also coincided with the investment in thermal night vision technologies.  Hunting techniques changed to night stalking on foot being stealthy on dark nights.  Managers of free range piggeries learn of our success and requested that we hunt there as well.
2021 Charging for our services began on an hourly basis.  The thinking was a similar effort would go into culling 10 animals as 2 animals which should be the case as we reduce their numbers.
2022 A reduction of hunts resulting in less foxes and feral cats culled.
2023 Access to a chicken farm that had a large numbers of feral cats and foxes
2024 A surprising increase in the numbers and foxes this year despite the numbers already culled over the years.  There must have been a successful breeding season in the spring of 2023.