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2020 Organized Fox Shoots

Red Card for foxes,cats and rabbits are a Western Australian organization that co-ordinates fox shoots in February and March every year. FOXBUSTERS were one of the teams involved.

In February, Boyup Brook teams culled 528 foxes, 34 feral cats, 156 rabbits and 1 pig. It was a very well organized and well sponsored event with most teams taking home prizes.

Unloading foxes after a night’s shoot.

Organizers and presentations

In March, the Tunney LCD had 7 teams that culled 57 foxes, 8 feral cats and 27 rabbits.

Feral animals, particularly foxes and feral cats are a serious threat to agricultural production and our native marsupials, reptiles and birds. These organized feral culling events go a long way to reducing the threat, however once a year is not enough. Regular hunting particularly in summer and autumn is equally important.

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