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2012 FOXBUSTERS Fox Tally and Data Summary

Foxes Shot 234 Data recorded on 85 foxes
Males (dog) 40 = 47%
Females (vixen) 38 = 44%
Sex Not Recorded 7 = 9%
Heaviest Fox 8kg
Lightest Fox 1kg
Average Weight (66 foxes weighed) 5.36
Healthy foxes 67   =86%
Mangy foxes 11   =14%
Young foxes 54 = 48%
Mature foxes 14 = 16.5%
Old foxes 9 = 10.5%
Ages not recorded 8 = 10%
Foxes taken with rifles 55
Foxes taken with shotguns 30
Calibres used 12ga, .17HMR .22rf, .222Rem,.223Rem, 22-250Rem, .243Win,25-06Rem, .308Win
Stomach contents Cow-Sheep & Lamb Carrion, Black Beetles, Dung Beetles, Maggots, Rabbits, Rats, Mice, Frogs, Lizards, Birds, Figs, Grain, Grass, Lupins, Cow-Sheep & Lamb Manure

Spotlight Shooting Stats

Kilometres Driven 1,407
Hectares Viewed 31,320
Foxes Seen 446
Foxes Shot 228   =51%
Number of Hunts 40
Average Foxes per Hunt 5.7

Population Density

Highest Density Hectares per Fox 44.25
Lowest Density Hectares per Fox 342
Average Hectares per Fox 70.22
Guest Hunters/Observers 42

6 thoughts on “2012 FOXBUSTERS Fox Tally and Data Summary

  1. Hi Michael
    Thanks for your questions. I do record moon phases and weather conditions. Wind seems to have the most effect on not only foxes, but other game. Most our shooting is done by spotlight. The amount of moonlight seems to have little effect on behavior. We hide vehicles and people behind lights. Turn them off and they can see you even on a fairly dark night. We don’t see many cats to observe the effects on them. I think foxes in this area control cat numbers. There seems to be a higher ratio of cats to foxes the further north you go.

  2. There a lot of great figures being collected there. Have you considered recorded recording time of moon phase, day (in relation to sun & moon). e.g. by hunting @ night it could be an issue of whether or not the hunter is illuminated by the moon, & how strong it is. Also, there may be a difference between the effects of these on foxes Vs cats.

  3. Data collection and storage is an ongoing process and is done on every hunt. 2013 data is found under the Research heading.

  4. Great work on the data collection!
    This would have certainly taken you some time.
    Have you any updated records since 2012?

  5. Hi Jenny
    I’m glad you like my website. We shot 11 foxes on the last shoot, 113 for the year so far. We will see you soon.

  6. A friend and I have just found your e-mail ha ha ha. It was very interesting to read all the statistics that you have sent me. Hope you are all keeping well. Hope to see you in the near future. All the best, regards, Jenny.

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