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Rifle Accuracy Part 2

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is an old saying that is applied to many things.  It also applies to the internals of an accurate rifle, particularly the state of the barrel.  Washing your dishes is easy if you have a sink or better still a dishwasher.  Cleaning your rifle barrel can be made easier with the right equipment.  A clever shooting mate developed a system that I refined to suit my situation.  The following pics illustrate what has been developed.

I obtained an old ironing board, modified and mounted a clamp for gripping the butt of the rifle.

Shaped and joined some boards to support the fore end.


There is a trigger rest to help support the rifle when clamped vertically (muzzle down).


Draw a bass wire brush through the barrel, breach to muzzle, a number of times to loosen the fouling.  Follow with a cloth patch or mop.

Invert the rifle and draw a solvent soaked patch up the barrel, muzzle to breach. (Apply solvent only in the barrel.)  Allow the solvent to dissolve the fouling for 30 minutes or as directed on the label.

Remove all solvent with clean cloth patches.  Repeat if necessary, then lightly oil.

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